Our Mission


(Not in that order) 

The (very) ugly: Where Fashion Is Now

The Fashion Industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world.
70 million barrels of oil are used each year to produce Polyester. 
23KG of Greenhouses gasses (including CO2) are produced PER Kilo of fabric. 
1.5 trillion litres of water consumed & wasted annually. 
190,000 tonnes of microfibre plastics end up in the ocean every year.
70 million trees are cut down EVERY year for the production of new garment. 
84% of  clothing ends up in landfills or incinerators EVERY year.

The (less) bad: Where We Are

We are a 1% For The Planet organization - this means we donate at least 1% of our annual profits to protecting the environment. While it is not much at the moment, as we grow we hope to increase this and have a better impact. 

We plant 1 tree for every item sold (so even if you return it, it’s still a tree planted!). 

We are net carbon neutral - meaning we offset ALL carbon emissions we produce as a business. And because we’re a small business our carbon emissions are less than 0.01 tonnes per year (roughly). For more information on how we do this please email us. 

We use Royal Mail to send all packages nationwide to ensure there is no excess pollution from couriers (where possible we even deliver parcels by hand!). 

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, with no excess tissue or plastic and is 100% recyclable when you’re finished. You can even recycle the label! 

We have partnered with SOJO App to help provide any tailoring needs or quick fixes on any items purchased with us (Currently only available in London, however we are looking for ways to expand this with the SOJO team). 

With all of this said, we still have a LONG way to go… 

The (hopefully) good: Where We Want Fashion To Be

END the use of ANY & ALL Polyester - Polyester cannot be recycled & releases 1900 microfibres into the water every time it is washed. This contributes to 85% of water pollution.

85% of human debris on the shorelines of the world are microfibres. We are campaigning to remove the use of ALL microfibres from the production process.

72% of all clothing and garments are made from synthetic fibres - if we were to use organic materials instead we can hugely reduce the amount of unrecyclable textile waste.

Extend the life cycle of clothing from 3 years on average to 5 years, and then 10 years and eventually to a lifetime investment piece! 

If you wear an item 50 times instead of 5 times, you reduce the carbon footprint of the product by 400%. 

Increase % of people who recycle unwanted clothing from 15% to 50% nationwide, and worldwide. 

Ensure ALL workers within the fashion industry are paid living wage. From the farmers, to the factory workers to the interns and full-time employees working for brands. Everyone deserves to sleep at night knowing they can pay their bills. 

And we won’t stop there...  


Join the #prochainepioneers and help us to get fashion on the right track. Together we can reduce the environmental impact and leave our planet better than we found it!