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Want to get the best out of your wardrobe? Well you’ve come to the right place.. 

Wear your wardrobe!

Ok this might sound obvious, but the best way to get the most out of your wardrobe is to wear the pieces you buy and love the. whole. time. 

At Prochaine, we never save anything for “best” (ok.. maybe we wouldn’t wear a ball gown to brunch, but you get the idea). This is because when we shop, we think of it as investing and what will we get in return for the purchase? If we can’t wear something at least once a week every week for the rest of our lives, it’s a waste. Wear that dress you love for brunch, or those shoes you think make your legs look good! Life is too short and we should all feel our best all the time. 

Care Guide

Firstly, I think we need to get something in the open.. we are not garment care experts so please always refer to the instructions on your item(s) for exact laundry information to follow. 

Ok once you’ve checked the instructions we have a serious question for you.. Does it actually NEED to be washed? This may sound gross, but stay with me.. Our clothes are not designed to be washed after every wear, and if you do wash them that frequently even the most durable items will wear out and disintegrate rapidly.

So instead of washing it, could you hang it up to air and then brush your item down? Or steam it? Most products made of wool, silk, etc are designed to be aired, brushed and steamed instead of washed in a machine. If your item is super stinky, then a concoction of vodka and water (3 parts vodka, 2 parts lukewarm water) is the solution for you.. Put it in a spray bottle and give your garment a once-over spray with this. If it still smells the next day.. Simply repeat until the smell is gone.

If you have spilt something, or got a mark on your outfit the best thing to do is immediately take it to the bathroom and spot wash it. This means getting cold water (or luke warm - depending on the exact stain) and dabbing it out. Do not rub it, and if you need to use soap - a very gentle hand soap often does the trick without running colours or ruining fabric.

Ok, all of the above is, of course, great but somethings you will need to wash in the machine. So if you do, then please fill your machine to the maximum. This reduces friction between the clothes and less microfibres run off our clothes into the ocean this way. Make sure that all of the items you put into the washing machine together can be washed at a similar temperature, and are similar colours. It may sound obvious, but it will help pieces last longer (and keep your white t-shirt white!). 

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any clothing care tips, or if you want more help for a specific item. Please email: katy@prochaine.co.uk  

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