Get To Know Us

We met while working for a London based contemporary womenswear brand and we immediately bonded over a shared love for beautiful and thoughtful fashion. We would constantly share new finds on Instagram a million times a day, ultimately becoming enthusiasts for each other’s style and best friends.  

Having worked in the industry together, we found a common frustration for the frequent use of the term ‘sustainability’ as a marketing ploy. Instead we see ‘sustainability’ as a goal to work towards together. So we started Prochaine in order to create a space that provides for the conscious customer by curating brands and pieces that are doing their bit for the environment, hopefully encouraging a guilt-free and responsible lifestyle in all of us.

Every item on Prochaine has been hand-picked by us, with wearability in mind and well.. we love every. single. piece. We believe in a seasonless approach to shopping and not saving anything for “best” but in wearing the pieces we love every day to bring us joy. Katy is constantly wearing her best dresses during the day with trainers or pumps and Elizabeth is always layering up her favourite slip dresses or blouses to wear them all year around. We hope that in shopping with us we will inspire this approach to your own wardrobe.  

We are always looking for ways that we can make a positive impact and help protect our environment, so any advice or feedback you have please don’t hesitate to share. We would love to hear from you! We are in no way perfect, nor are we a perfect industry but we really do believe that together we can do better and work towards a collective goal of a more responsible fashion industry. 

Thank you so much for your support, we hope you love Prochaine as much as we do!

E & K x