Hi! Hello! Welcome

Hi! Hello! Welcome. Firstly, thank you for coming to Prochaine and for searching around long enough to find our scrawlings of interests and style tips. You are a true supporter (perhaps more than our mums and that is impressive) and for that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

Ok now that’s out of the way.. On to the juicy stuff. We thought perhaps the best introduction to the brand and to us, was to tell you a bit about ourselves and how we got here.

First, cast your mind back to a time BC (before Covid), now that may seem so long ago that you can’t even fathom it, but that is where our story begins. We met (ok, to be completely transparent it’s E writing, so this *may* be a very one-sided recollection but that’s what happens when you shotgun not-writing the post…) BC at a London based contemporary womenswear brand. E was already working there and K joined in the Spring. We immediately became friends because K was in awe of E and just wanted to hang out with her all the time.. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration. Anyway, we worked side-by-side all day and bonded over our shared love of clothing (and pasta.. and wine!) and were constantly complimenting each other and sharing new brand finds on Instagram. Fast forward two years and we were still in this instagram-obsessed cycle and loving it. Then Covid hit, and while we were no longer working side-by-side we facetimed most days and discussed the usual topics.. What we loved and what was aggravating us.. Etc. And it kept coming back to the same problem.. We saw brands using the term(s) “sustainable” and “sustainability” as a marketing ploy, and not as a goal. Essentially, they were greenwashing and it was p*ssing us off. So we decided to reach out to the brands we love, see what responsible actions they were taking/had in place in terms of the environment and if we could work together. And voila! Prochaine was born.

I think it is most important, at this point, to point out that we are in NO way sustainability experts, nor are we fashion production experts. What we are, are two girls who bloody love shopping, and hate lies! So we thought we would try and debunk the greenwashing, and create a space for like-minded brands and people to interact and shop. Of course, the most sustainable option for the planet is for us to all wear hemp sacks all the time.. But what fun is that? For us, fashion, style, clothes, shopping etc bring a sense of personality, individuality and fun to life. We want to look and feel good, without the guilt and the shame.

I hate the term “sustainable” and here’s why; we cannot be completely sustainable. It is not possible. What we can be is responsible and ethical and conscious. These are glorious words because they encapsulate what we are trying to do with Prochaine. We wanted to create a space where responsible brands have been curated into edits of insane pieces (ok, biased because we chose everything but still!), where you can all come and shop knowing that what you’re buying is already taking steps towards a better future. This level of consideration, responsibility and ethics towards shopping is already positively impacting the environment because every piece is an investment of thought, time and money. Hopefully this way, we can change the approach to shopping and fashion, move away from disposable-fashion, fast-fashion and all the god-awful things that come with it (*ahem* under-paid workers, illegal working hours etc etc) and towards a brighter, greener future. 

So, thank you again for your support and for staying with me long enough to read the above. If there are any brands you love and want us to stock, or you have any questions please, please get in touch! Until then.. I hope there is something on here you LOVE. 

I think I had better sign off now before K reads this.. See you soon! xx E 

Any enquiries please get in touch: help@prochaine.co.uk